The Scriptures make clear that we are both commanded to undergird all things in prayer, and we are to express our dependence on God through prayer. We strongly believe in the power and importance of prayer and a praying life. Therefore prayer is a vital component of our church family.

There are numerous times for group prayer each week, along with an emphasis on daily personal prayers, in which believers cultivate their own walk with God, and also intercede for others.

We believe nothing we attempt as a church will truly be blessed of God unless He grants it, so we pray accordingly.

We are also privileged to participate in the weekly Community Prayer gatherings, where Christians from congregations all over town meet in churches on a rotating basis to prayer for our town, state and nation. This began after the 9/11 attacks, and have continued each week ever since.

If you should be in need of prayer for anything please feel free to call the office or you can submit your prayer requests by clicking here