October 2016 Newsletter

Plans are underway to begin a Sunday school class designed for young adults who are in college and up through their twenties. The first set of lessons will focus on biblical principles for personal finances and will be led by Deacon Chris Lee.

July 2016 Newsletter

As we celebrate our country’s independence, let us also celebrate our dependence ON Christ Jesus and His mercy for us. Our Family Night Supper has been changed this month to a fun fundraiser for the Gorsuch family, as they prepare to plant a PCA church to the glory of God in Montana.

April 2016 Newsletter

Sunday, April 3rd, is Communion Sunday for our congregation. The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is a wonderful way to remember Christ’s death for our sins, to think deeply about what He has done for us and for our fellow-Christians, and to renew our covenant with Him to be faithful as we look ahead.

March 2016 Newsletter

Your Elders and Deacons have been busy about their work lately, as there has been a lot of extra work to do regarding our church. Since many of you will not be aware of that, I thought it would be good to apprise you of some of their more recent activities.

January 2016 Newsletter

Looking back over 2015, I imagine most of us would agree that it has been a “mixed bag” of happy experiences and tough challenges. Of course that’s the way every year really is, but 2015 has provided its own unique combination of these things.