February 2018 Newsletter

One of the responsibilities that the elders of the church have is to maintain an accurate roll of those who are members of the church.  Every year members come and go.  Those who “go” may move away or have died.  Some virtually disappear.  In each case, efforts should be made to determine the reasons why some members are no longer active in our congregation, and to handle those situations lovingly, patiently, and appropriately.

January 2018 Newsletter

Here are a few notes to close out 2017. Like many of you, I find myself pausing to look back on this year to recall what has taken place. Of course there are national and worldwide matters we can recall. How did our favorite sports team(s) do this year? And what about our families and our church? Let me confine myself to our congregation. What kind of year has it been for FPC?

December 2017 Newsletter

We are well into the Christmas season now. In spite of all the outward displays of beautiful decorations, shopping for gifts and celebrations, however, we must be careful that we not fail to listen afresh to the beautiful music of the biblical message concerning the incarnation of the Son of God in order to obtain salvation from sin for whoever trusts in Him.