December 2018 Newsletter

Tis the season – yes the Christmas holiday season is upon us once again.  And a big part of the season involves the exchanging of gifts between friends and between family members.  There is a double benefit when these exchanges take place: there is the benefit of receiving gifts, but also [and arguably more importantly] there is the benefit of giving.  A major reason we experience joy at Christmastime is because of gifts and giving.  But none of this, wonderful as it is, compares to the greatest Gift from the greatest Giver.

November 2018 Newsletter

Leprosy is horrible. To hear or read descriptions about it is tough enough, but to actually have that disease is almost unbearable. We know about leprosy from both the Old and New Testaments and may think that it is one of those diseases that has been eradicated [like polio]. But there are still people today who have leprosy, most of whom live in leper colonies. Why do I bring this up? Because of the parable Jesus told about ten lepers who were healed by Him [Luke 17:11-19], and what this parable teaches us about giving thanks.